About the Therapist


My love and ability for healing touch began very early in life for me, spending quality time massaging my family members  and friends while growing up. My professional massage therapy experience began in July  2011 when I completed the 720  hour Massage Therapy Certification from Kaplan College, in Riverside, CA. Now, after 10 years in the profession, my experience consists of working in a clinical therapeutic setting, having practiced in California, New Mexico, and Washington, addressing an array of conditions ranging from physical to mental and emotional.

I use an integrative approach to massage to customize each massage experience for the unique needs and wants of each individual client. My modalities range from neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue, cupping, and Thai massage, to subtler, energetic therapies like Swedish,  Craniosacral, and Reiki. 

My specialities include working with clients experiencing chronic pain, fibromyalgia, back/neck/shoulder pain and dysfunction, anxiety/depression management and relief, pregnancy (pre & post natal), infant massage education, recovering oncology, trauma-centered relief, and stress relief. 

As a mother and a massage therapist who was pregnant during massage school, I love  the experience of providing massage and support to pregnant women throughout their pregnancies and into post-partum. In 2019, I became a Certified Infant Massage Instructor through the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) so I could continue to work with families while utilizing the healing power  and benefits of massage. 

Along with bodywork therapies, I am a Self-care coach, guiding and supporting clients in achieving their health and wellness goals. December 2018, I graduated from Washington State University with a bachelors degree in Psychology, and in July 2019 I received my Transformational Life Coach Training Certification from Seattle Life Coach Training (SLCT). I believe that mental, emotional, and physical health are inextricably connected, and all benefit from the healing effects of massage. 

I enjoy teaching and facilitating self-care workshops that help support and encourage others in making their health and wellness a priority and promoting healing. 

I spend my time loving and raising my two kiddos and caring for my family. I enjoy swimming, painting, singing, listening to music, being active, playing outdoors in nature, and learning more about the healing arts. 

I believe wholeheartedly in the body's ability and capacity to heal itself, and I respect where each client is at in their healing journey. My aim as a massage therapist, healing facilitator, and coach, is to help guide and support others in healing using high quality massage therapies and compassionate care, respectfully and integrally, for the client's highest good. 


CA #24153